Christchurch Metal Finishers Canterbury was started by two brothers Roy & Sid Mitchell in 1948. Today we are proud to still be a family-owned and operated company.

Originally named Christchurch Electroplating Company, and located in Charles Street, close to Lancaster Park – the electroplating plant was shifted to its current location in Kingsley Street in the 1960’s. At this time the two brothers were focused on expansion. The new electroplating line was said to be one of the largest in the southern hemisphere.

During the 60’s aluminium was becoming a more commonly used item. In 1967, CMF responded to this by transforming the surrounding land from a couple of old houses into a large building to house an anodising line for smaller decorative items. Space was also set aside for expansion into a second larger line. It didn’t take long for the second line to be realised – the window and door industry changed to aluminium frames and the demand was there to be met.

Under the watchful eye of Roy’s three sons (Stephen, Grant, and John) the company was rebranded to Christchurch Metal Finishers Limited in the 1980’s.

Over the years these three brothers tried a number of different ventures to go with their electroplating and anodising business from the logical powder coating plant, to a kiwi fruit farm, hardware store and health food shop in North Canterbury. However, through these different ventures, the electroplating and anodising remained their core business.

In 2006 Grant and Margaret took over sole ownership and today the company is run by their son Greg (Grandson of Roy).

Today CMF continue to offer that great service and quality product that has seen them stand the test of time. Whenever you have something that needs to be made shiny, be it aluminium that needs anodising or any steel that needs zinc, nickel or chrome plating contact us today for a free quote