Extrusions Anodising

Extrusion anodising is exactly what it sounds like, the anodising of aluminium extrusion. It is also known as Architectural anodising and is predominantly used in the window and door industry.
We offer a range of colours including Silver, Champagne, Honey, Light Bronze, Mid Bronze, Dark Bronze and Black in a Satin finish.

There are a number of thickness options in Extrusion anodising – 12, 20, 25 microns – the higher the micron the thicker the protective layer. All orders are considered a 12 micron finish unless otherwise stated. A thickness of 25 microns is considered to be marine anodising.

Some examples of Extrusion Anodising are

  • Flat Bar
  • Angle
  • Double Glazing extrusion (bead & sash)
  • Door frame
  • Channel
  • Louvres
Exterior anodising, Christchurch

Tank Sizes for Extrusion Anodising

5600mm long x 1200mm deep x 400mm wide