Zinc Electroplating

Zinc Electroplating is the coating most commonly used to protect items from corrosion or rust. The Zinc is bonded to the surface of the material and used as a sacrificial layer to prevent damage to products.

Zinc Electroplating is a method of depositing zinc metal on the surface of another metal, such as steel, by immersing the steel component in an appropriate plating bath and applying an electrical current. The Zinc travels through the electrolytic bath from the zinc anodes and attaches to the surface of the steel component. The thickness of the zinc depends on the time spent in the plating bath, the amount of current and the chemical composition of the bath. While its main job is for protection, if the material is prepared well it can leave a decorative finish.

For Blue Zinc plated parts they are R.o.H.S. compliant allowing for them to be exported to Europe.

We offer 2 different colour options in Zinc Plating

  • Blue (The Silver look)
  • Gold (Full colour passivate)

Some examples of Zinc plated items are

  • Nuts, Bolts and Screws
  • Hinges
  • CNC Machined parts
  • Welded steel brackets
  • Electrical components
  • Car parts
metal brackets - zinc electroplating Christchurch

Tank Sizes for Zinc Plating

2200mm long x 750mm deep x 300mm wide for Silver, and Gold