Polishing of Chrome, Nickel and Zinc Plating

Polishing is a key component to get the best finish on you items particularly in the Chrome Plating process. The best finish can be achieved by preparing items well – polishing your items before Chrome Plating can remove imperfections and achieve a higher quality of finish. This physical process can be done before zinc and nickel plating to remove blemishes from materials and give items a brighter finish.

While some items are not able to be returned to an as-new-state due to their previous condition, many of the scratches and corrosion marks can be removed, almost restoring the original condition.

Polishing Aluminium

Polishing of aluminium for a bright finish is also key component to getting the best possible result. By removing many of the perfections in the material and brightening the surface to give it the glossy finish.

We always assess each job to give the best advice

Every job is different and often the best thing is to either send in a picture or bring in the part so we can advise on the best course of action while getting an understanding of what you want for the parts.